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For those of you who want to plan a vacation to Bali, which is certainly the island of Bali a favorite destination for a vacation that is a dream for travelers, well this time we Baligetaway want to provide vacation tips for you to know that you must know. Based on the experience of providers of holiday packages or Bali tour packages, as well as car rental services plus drivers in Bali, armed with that experience until we know what are the obstacles faced by most Indonesian tourists while on vacation in Bali. From the constraints we faced, we provide advice or tips for Bali travel to facilitate your vacation to Bali.

1. The Best Vacation Time to Bali

Before you plan for a vacation to Bali, it helps you to know the right time such as the rainy season in Bali, or in the holiday season which is certainly a lot of attractions in Bali that are crowded to visit, you should avoid holidays in the rainy season and avoid holidays in the season crowded in Bali.

Avoid the Rainy Season while on Vacation to Bali

As we have known almost all year round the best time for a vacation to Bali, if you are already planning a vacation to Bali, we recommend avoiding a vacation to Bali during the rainy season in Bali. It is better there come a vacation to Bali in the time span from April to September. In April – September it is very rare to rain on the island of Bali.

But there are consequences for you to choose a vacation during the dry season in Bali, you have to be ready for your skin to get darker aka black because the sun’s blazing sun is very hot therefore it is recommended that you bring a sun block, at least the sun block will reduce the sunburn because blazing sunlight directly on your skin.

Avoid the Crowded Season when on Vacation to Bali

You must know that besides looking at the weather, you also pay attention to the very high season, because during high season in Bali, almost all prices will go up like the price of airplane tickets, hotels, car rentals, and the range of rising prices. in the peak season in Bali around 25% to 40%. Surely you will be wondering – when is the holiday season in Bali? You need to know when the High Season in Bali starts in June – July (school holiday season), August (foreign national holiday season), December – early January (Christmas and New Year holiday season).

So if you want to find a cheap vacation time, avoid a holiday during the high season in Bali or High Seasons. In addition to prices going up, during high season, some of the streets in Bali will feel congested or often jammed in parts of South Bali. But if you want to take a vacation in High Seasons and want to feel comfortable when passing through traffic, we suggest choosing transportation by renting a car plus a driver. At least by using the services of a car rental plus driver in Bali, you can rest in the car without having to drive the car in traffic.

2. Choosing an Lodging Area While on Vacation to Bali

Hello traveler before you decide to stay in Bali, you must determine the area or tourist attractions in Bali that you want to visit. We suggest looking for places to stay that are close to attractions in Bali that you want to visit. For those of you who are on holiday for the first time in Bali, will usually travel to the South Bali area. Holiday destinations in Bali most of the most famous are Kuta tourist attractions.

In addition, because the criteria or needs and budget of each tourist are different, the choice of place to stay will also have an effect. In the tourist attraction of Kuta, there are also many cheap and luxurious hotels which of course are very affordable prices to suit your pocket.

Looking for Cheap Hotels in Kuta

If you want to find cheap hotels in Bali, especially in the Kuta area of ​​Bali for 3 days 2 nights you can choose the hotels we offer on our website starting from Rp. 499,000 you can stay at your favorite hotel which is certainly very comfortable such as the Grand Zuri Kuta Hotel, Neo + Kuta Hotel, Swiss-belin Legian Hotel, Champlung Mas Hotel, J4 Hotel, Zest Hotel Legian. If you want to get cheaper hotel prices, go to the small alleys on the Tuban highway and Jalan Raya Kuta, then you will find many smaller hotels, which of course are much cheaper.

Luxury Lodging in Kuta

For those who do not want to stay in cheap Bali hotels and want to stay in luxury Bali hotels, especially in the Kuta area, then you can look for star hotels that are widely available in the Kuta beach area and Legian beach. To find a hotel that suits your needs, the best way is to ask your friends who have stayed in Bali. And the best way again is you can directly choose the hotel on our website

Lodging Away From Crowds

For those of you smart travelers who do not like crowds, and want to find a place to stay in Bali that is more quiet then you can look for lodging in other tourist areas in Bali, and also tourist attractions in Sanur, Bali is quieter than tourist attractions in Kuta. The Sanur and Nusa Dua areas of Bali also offer a beachfront hotel with distinctive and exotic white sand.

Specifically for hotels on the beach, the prices offered are on average more expensive than hotels that are not on the beach. You also choose tourist attractions in Ubud Bali located in the Gianyar district to stay.

Ubud offers unspoiled tourist attractions that offer views of rice fields or rivers. It’s just that the tourist destinations in the Ubud area of ​​Bali have no beaches such as in Kuta, Sanur or Nusa Dua. Gianyar Regency offers a variety of interesting tourist attractions that you must visit during your holiday in Bali such as sari gardens, zoos, cultural tours, rice fields and water sports activities such as Ayung Rafting.

Stay overnight in North Bali

In addition to the tourist destination of Ubud, smart travelers can also stay at the northern Bali tourist spots, most of the northern Bali tourist attractions are in the district of Buleleng, and there is a beach called Lovina Beach. For the price of lodging in the Lovina area is much cheaper compared to the price of lodging in South Bali. It’s just that the location of Lovina is very far from the airport and takes about 3 hours from Ngurah Rai Airport.

Stay overnight in East Bali

Destinations or tourist objects in East Bali offer many cheap and luxurious places to stay, some of the accommodations or hotels in East Bali are in the Candidasa area. Candidasa attractions also have a beach and not too crowded with tourists visiting.

3. Means of Transportation While on Vacation to Bali

Once you arrive at tourist attractions in Bali, you will definitely need information to get to your destination. Well on the island of Bali many provide public transportation services, such as taxi transportation facilities, trans Sarba Gita buses. Specially, the Trans Sarba Gita buses currently only have limited routes.

We suggest choosing a convenient and inexpensive transportation by renting or renting a car in Bali. There are 2 rental options that you can use, namely, cheap car rental or luxury car rental in Bali. Of course your choice is adjusted to your budget.

Car rental prices in Bali start at Rp. 190,000 / 24 hours that you can rent or release keys (rent a car only). We advise you to look for car rental services in Bali through the Google search engine, because there are many choices that you will get because through Google you will get a trusted car rental company in Bali, because Google is listing a car rental company in Bali that already has a good reputation on page 1 of Google.

You can ask car rental providers in Bali who get through Google to send their car to the place you want, such as in a hotel, or hotel where you stay so you do not need to come to the car rental place. The car is also insured which can be ordered or booked online or by telephone.

In addition we also recommend that you book a rental car one month early, so you do not run out. During the peak season many car rental companies are full book for rent. Although there are cars available, car rental prices in Bali will be expensive compared to when the season is low. It’s also a good idea to hire a driver as this will save you time and avoid getting lost on the road.

In addition, you can also ask the driver for recommendations on tourist attractions in Bali or tourist attractions in Bali and where to eat.

4. Know the Price of Entrance Tickets at Bali Tourist Attractions

When you vacation in Bali, surely you will visit tourist attractions in Bali. To make it easier you have to set a vacation budget you should make a list of the price of admission at tourist attractions in Bali. By knowing the price of admission at tourist attractions in Bali, you can manage your holiday budget in Bali.

5. Where to eat in Bali while on holiday in Bali

For those of you who want to find places to eat in Bali while on vacation in Bali, we give tips for holiday travel to Bali because tips on eating in Bali plays a very important role when vacationing to Bali that will give you satisfaction while on vacation. You can choose luxury, cheap, Indonesian or Indonesian specialties, Balinese special food or foreign food that you can easily get while on holiday in Bali.

If you are a Muslim you also have to be careful in looking for food, you can visit Padang restaurants, Javanese stalls or meatball stalls, fish cafes in Jimbaran and so forth. If you want to eat halal food in a restaurant, ask first if the restaurant provides halal food because the average restaurant or restaurant in Bali already provides halal food.

We hope this article can help you and be useful for Baligetaway smart travelers. Thanks.

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