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Tips for Choosing Credit Card

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Credit Card in Indonesia

Tips for Choosing Credit Card in Indonesia. Credit cards have become a fairly common payment instrument used for financial transactions and shopping, and are almost equal to or even shifting the use of cash. That is because in this modern era many people prefer the practicality offered by credit cards. The ease and security promised by a credit card is also a reason for people to choose it as a means of payment.

Do you already have a credit card? Or want to apply for a credit card application but are confused about which credit card is right for you?. Indeed, at present many banks are competing to issue various types of credit cards. Each accompanied by various attractive offers such as free annual fees, low interest rates. Gold or platinum cards, and so forth. To be able to choose the right credit card for your needs, please refer to the following ways:

Tips for Choosing Credit Card in Indonesia

1. Consider the Costs Charged

One important factor to consider in choosing the right credit card for you is the fees charged such as annual fees, interest, administrative fees, and so on.

Credit Cards with High Interest Rates

Credit cards with higher interest rates are usually suitable for those of you who choose to use credit cards instead of cash in shopping and immediately pay off your credit card bills every month. That way your expenses can be tracked every month.

Despite having high interest rates, this type of credit card usually offers added value such as free annual fees. Discounts, cash back, and also point rewards every time you transact.

If you need a credit card for example for monthly shopping and paying various monthly bills such as electricity. Telephone, and water whose value is relatively fixed and you will definitely pay off every month.

Then this credit card is suitable for you, with the note you must first make sure to the credit card issuing bank states that the interest calculation is done after the payment due due and not from the transaction date. If interest is calculated from the transaction date, then you still have to pay interest even if you pay the bill in full every month.

Credit Cards with Low Interest Rates

Credit cards with lower interest rates are suitable for those of you who often pay bills in installments or pay a minimum amount. Even though this type of credit card certainly has an annual fee and usually does not offer many discounts or cash back. If you have a steady source of income and are important enough to pay bills every month. At least the minimum amount. Then this low interest becomes the main determining factor in choose this credit card.

2. Note the Discounts Offered

One factor that can be taken into consideration by you in choosing the right credit card is the offer of a discount or discount. For those of you who like to shop. Look for a credit card that offers many discount offers. Which are usually the result of the cooperation of the credit card issuing bank with a number of sellers or merchants.

You can check the list of sellers who work with credit card issuers that you are considering, whether you often shop there or the items that are discounted are items that you really need.

3. Check the Customer Service

Customer service or customer service is also one factor that needs to be taken into account in choosing a credit card. As a credit card user, you definitely want to get a good and complete service from the issuer. And this includes transaction services and 24-hour complaints with friendly and alert staff.

If you feel the need to contact the credit card issuing bank frequently to ask questions. It is important for you to ensure that the customer service provided by the credit card issuing bank is the way you want it to be. If at any time you experience problems with your credit card.

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4. Know the Network Reach

Credit cards with a wide range are suitable for the category of people who frequently travel abroad. If you fall into this category. Then you should choose a credit card that has an extensive network that is accepted throughout the world. Especially in countries that you frequently visit.

The use of credit cards abroad will make it easier for you to make transactions, is practical, and you can enjoy your trip more comfortably.

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